8" Ice Catcher Beaker Bubbler (frosted floral print)

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This solid and durable bong is constructed from high-quality,7mm thick glass and is decorated with a stunning frosted floral print on the beaker base and on the tube. The beaker base bong measures 8 inches in height, comes with a ground joint, an 14mm slitted diffuser downstem, ice notches and a 14mm male herb bowl. The bong is made from high-grade glass and the generous beaker base provides enough room for the smoke to cool.
The bongs slitted downstem separates and filters the smoke as its pulled through the water before it passes up and out of the rimmed mouthpiece. This process results in a filtered hit that’s packed full of flavor, but less harsh on the throat. Try placing a few ice cubes on the ice notches in the bongs tube for an even cooler hit.


• 8" Mini Beaker Bubbler
• Downstem and Blow Included
• Color may vary from photo
• Made from 7mm thick glass
• Decorative black and white print
• 14mm male herb bowl with handle
• No carb holes
• Ice notches

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