Giddy Grinder - 56 mm [Silver]

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Meet your new best bud: the Giddy Grinder - 56 mm in sleek silver. This premium herb grinder is your ticket to perfectly ground herb every time. Crafted with precision-engineered teeth, it effortlessly transforms your favorite flowers into a fine, fluffy consistency, unlocking the full potential of your herbs' flavors and aromas. With its generous 56 mm size, it's ideal for grinding larger quantities of herb for extended sessions or sharing with friends. The durable construction ensures longevity, while the sleek silver finish adds a touch of sophistication to your smoking arsenal. Say goodbye to uneven burns and hello to a smoother, more enjoyable smoke with the Giddy Grinder - 56 mm in silver.

High quality grinder in the market
Refines tobacco for smooth smoking and easy rolling
Quick and easy to use
Fast meal sharp spin teeth
Product Material: Zinc Alloy
Product Size: 56mm
Product layer: 4 parts

Includes Scraper

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